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PSP and MSP….Where Did The Time Go?

Okay…it’s been a year since Sean first approached me and asked me to take over the PSP program in our store. At first I thought…whoops! What am I going to do with this? I was scared of doing the wrong thing and whether or not I could make a success of this. Could I get the other associates interested?

Well, time has passed and we have had some successes. We needed to get the associates interested in the Sustainability program and get them signed up for it. I started out with a “Green Raffle”. I went round the store and filled a reuseable shopping bag with green items and for everyone who signed up, their name went into a draw for the Bag. This got me a few people. I then decided to start this Blog as well as doing up our bulletin board in an interesting way in order to draw everyone’s attention. Okay, this was having a moderate effect. Cake! Everyone loves cake! and balloons and prizes and small gifts!! And so it went. Time marches on and after a few more draws and launches we are into another year….Help! I need a committee and to get these associates involved! So I thought, What can I do to get everyone excited and participating? And so The Great MSP Caper was born. This is a game that I came up with that got our store excited and interested. Within two weeks I was 95% pledged with everyone signed up with a MSP plan for the year! WOOHOO!

The benefits I got from this were: 1). I now have a committee of four MSP Captains, one of which works on the Overnight Crew…yes! 2). The whole Management team was involved in the game, 3).All the Associates were able to participate and 3). Everyone is excited about MSP and we are talking about it at our morning meetings as well as bringing in articles they have found and talking about their green products from their departments.

I have many more plans and thoughts for the coming year as this has gotten me more excited about what we have accomplished and I have been visiting some very interesting internet sites (such as David Suzuki’s) to get ideas for different events, talks and displays. Earth Day is coming up and we want to plan

100% MSP Pledged!

something exciting that will involve our customers as well as the Associates of Store 3142!

“Make everyday Earth Day!”

Happy MSPing-Heather Store 3142 Orangeville

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With the New Year’s entry, we see changes happen in many ways. We strive to change ourselves by making resolutions, there are changes in our jobs and in our everyday lives. Some changes we can control and some we can’t.

As I sit here I am contemplating on the fact that I will have my 60th birthday this month and I wonder what changes are in store for me. You wouldn’t think there was much more to experience after so many years, but I’ve still got a lot of living to do to complete my “Bucket List”! I may retire in five years time…who knows. Scary prospect!

I have decided that I am not getting old but I am getting better! I live active, eat healthy and drinks lots of water. I plan on looking darn good when I retire so I can look great lying on a beach somewhere down South and sipping my Pina Colada!

The biggest change I made in 2010 was to maintain my weight loss and I can still look that “Friday Donut” in the face and say, “I don’t need you!”

Heather-Cash Office Assoc – Happy MSPing!!!


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I am not much of a farmer nor do I have a green thumb, but, like all the neighbors around me, I am dreaming of a nice , lush, green, thick carpet of grass that I can run through in my bare feet at the silliest of times! This was my PSP…to go pesticide free! How to do this without bringing down the wrath of the Eco World and my PSP Captain at work, was going to take some investigating! I consulted with my Garden Centre Department Manager and she suggested for fertilizing that I use a corn gluten product with no pesticides (I thought you fed corn to chickens?!? I’m not raising chickens!). Anyway, I spread this on and it will fertilize my lawn. The conversation then turned to “Nematodes”…. Read More…

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What’s In Your Lunch Box?

I was sitting and thinking the other night and it suddenly came to mind that a few years ago (Okay! Maybe more than a few……!) when we were all still in school, we used to bring our lunches to school. Read More…

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to our Blog!

We are the Associates of Wal-Mart, Store 3142 in Orangeville, Ontario. We decided to start this blog because our bulletin board was too small to put all the information and news that we wanted to post to let our associates know what was happening in the world of PSP (Personal Sustainability Project). Please browse through our stories and pictures and feel free to leave a comment or two. Perhaps you may have some ideas or stories that you would like to pass on to us. What is your PSP for this year? What did you do for Earth Day? We’d love to hear from you!

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Planting Trees at Island Lake School

May 22, 2010. Earth Day! Clear, bright and crisp out! The Associates of Wal-Mart 3142 made their way over to Island Lake School for a morning of tree, shrub, and flower planting  with the students and the Principal. Everyone had an enjoyable time and there were many sore muscles before the morning was over.

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Welcome to the PSP Blog!  Let’s all work together to achieve a Personal Sustainability Project!